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HUIZHOU YOUTECH, established in 2008, located in a big city –Huizhou Guangdong province of China, is a professional manufacturer LED lighting in Huizhou. It has several years of experience to ensure you the best service from competitive prices to guaranteed quality. HUIZHOU YOUTECH is a professional factory which strictly adhere to ISO 9001:2000 guidelines, incorporating R & D and manufacturing mainly for LED lights. Our products are available with international safety standards such as RoHS, EN62471, CE & EMC LVD ETL. Our partner mold factory has imported equipment to develop your samples accurately. HUIZHOU YOUTECH LIGHT INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD Specilized in : LED Indoor Lighting with...

Categories and Products

LED G4 G9 Bulb

Silicon G4 LED

12led Dimmable 1W G4 LED LAMP 30pcs 2835smd 1500lm 1.5W G4 LED BULB AC/DC12V 100LM 1W LED G4 Lamp DC12V Dimmable 1W led G4 100LUMENS LED BULB Dimmable 2w led g4 silicon bulb light 3W 300lm dimmable led G4 bulb Silicone G4 AC DC 12V G4 LED Bulb High Lumens 3W LED Silicon G4 Bulb Light AC220V 1W G4 LED LAMP LIGHT DC12V 1.5W LED G4 BULB Light DC12 2W LED G4 silicon bulb DC12V 3w led silicon g4 bulb 

Silicon G9 LED

300lm 3W silicon LED G9 Bulb 500lm 3000k 5w led g9 bulb Dimmable 3W LED G9 Silicon Bulb AC 220V 2W LED G9 Silicon light 5W Silicone Coated G9 LED Light Bulb AC120V 360 Degree Beam Angle Warm White Bulbs Led Dimmable Warm White 3000K G9 Light Bulb 6000K 4w silicon led g9 bulb light 120V AC Warm White 3000K G9 LED Bulb G9 LED Bulb Dimmable 4 Watt 

Ceramic G4 LED

5W G4 LED 500 Lumens LAMP 3000K 200lm 2W LED G4 LAMP 700lm 7w led g4 bulb 12V 2W Warm White G4 LED Light Bulb 2700K Warm White No Flicker Led G4 Bulb G4 AC DC 12V LED Bulb AC DC 12V Dimmable G4 LED Bulb Soft White 2700K 2W G4 LED Light LED Corn Light Non-dimmable G4 bulb Non-Dimmable 12V 25W led g4 

Ceramic G9 LED

220V 110V Ceramic 3W LED G9 Bulb Dimmable 3W led G9 lamp 300lm 3W Ceramic LED G9 Bulb 500lm Ceramic 5W led G9 lamp AC 120V 3W G9 LED Ceramic bulb high power 3w led g9 bulb light 6w ceramic led g9 bulb 300lm g9 3w led bulb light Ceramic Silicon 3w LED G9 lamp Indoor 2W COB g9 led bulb light 

Dimmable G4 LED

3W COB LED G4 LAMP 300lumens Silicon bulb 3W G4 LED 300 Lumens silicon LAMP ACDC12V 5W LED G4 Bulb Dimmable 5W LED G4 Ceramic Bulb Dimmable 3W LED G4 Ceramic bulb ACDC 12V dimmable 5W LED G4 bulb Dimmable 3W led G4 bulb 12V COB G4 LED Dimmable Crystal Light 4W AC12V DC12V 1.5W G4 LED LAMP LIGHT ACDC12V 3W LED G4 Bulb 

Dimmable G9 LED

2W led G9 220V COB 1505 Bulb Light 5W LED G9 bulb dimmable light 6W Dimmable G9 Led Light Bulb Daylight Dimmable G9 LED Lights Bulbs G9 Led Light Bulbs Dimmable 3W 850lm Dimmable g9 led Bulbs 5000K 360 Degree G9 LED Bulb 5W 3W Dimmable G9 Ceramic LED Bulb 3W Non-dimmable G9 LED Bulb No dimmable 2W led G9 Glass Bulbs 

LED Bulb Light

E14 LED Bulb Light

E14 5W LED CORN BULB Ceramic cover 2W E14 LED BULB EMC LVD E14 Refrigerator bulb with 3W 300lm LVD EMC 3W LED Lamp E14 Bulb Light E26 Non-Dimmable A15 LED bulb light 3w E14 LED Candelabra Bulb 110V 2W LED Refrigerator Bulb E14 LED A19 Frosted Light Bulb G25 LED Globe Bulb 3w Dimmable E14 LED Lights Bulb 

E14 LED Corn Light

DC24V 3W E14 LED BULB LIGHT LED E143W 48led corn light 24V 36smd E14 7W LED Corn light 12W dimmable E14 led corn light 6000K 14w E14 LED Corn light e14 5w 3000k led corn light 3000k 15w e14 led corn bulb Factory direct 10W E14 LED Corn light AC220V 3W E14 LED CORN LIGHT E14 1200lm 12W led corn light 3W 300Lm LED E14 Bulb for Refrigerator 

E27 LED Corn Light

6500K 2200lm 22W E27 LED Corn light 6500K 24V 7W E27 LED Corn light DC24V 1000lm E27 10W LED Corn light 10W LED E27 LED Corn Bulb 580lm transparent cover 6W E27 LED Corn light Cold white E27 15W LED Corn light AC220V 10W Corn Light LED E27 Conlight Bulb 120v 50w e27 led corn light 36w E27 E26 LED Corn light 60W E27 E26 led corn light 20w E27 E26 led corn light 

G12 LED Corn Light

220V G12 12W LED Bulb Light 120v 15W G12 LED Corn Light Bulb G12 10W LED Energy-Saving Corn lamp Daylight White 12W G12 6000K Corn Bulb Energy-Saving 10W G12 LED Corn Light AC 85-265V G12 Corn Light Bulb 10W g12 LED Energy Saving lamp G12 15W AC 85V 265V Led Bulbs G12 13W 3000K LED Light Bulb AC 220V G12 14W 6000K LED Light 

G23 LED Plug Light

8W LED G23 Plug Bulb Light 6W LED G23 Plug Light Lamp 4W LED G23 Plug Bulb Light G23 2 Pin 5w led plug Bulb 7 Watt Cool White G23 LED Bulb 6W G23 LED UV Nail Dryer Light 6W LED GX23 Plug Lamp LED G23 8W Rotatable Plug Lamp G23 6W Natural White Led Bulb 5W G23 6000K LED plug Light 

G24 LED Plug Light

1200lm 12W G24 LED Plug light 6000K 8W G24 LED Plug light 10W G24 LED Plug light G24 11w 12w led plug light 12W 1150lm G24 led plug light 8W G24 LED Plug Bulb ligt 10W LED E27 LED Plug light High power 12W LED Plug light AC120v 13w g24 led plug light 500lm 5W G24 LED Plug light 

LED Bulb Light

Hot sale 500lm 5W LED Spotlight Hihg power 3W LED Spotlight 500lm Led 5W GU10 Spotlight Dimmable 500 lm 5W Led spotlight LED Candles Flameless Pillar Candles light 120V Daylight White Swimming Pool LED Light 6W Dimmable G25 LED Bulb light 9W E27 A19 LED Light Bulb E26 LED 8W Dimmable Bulb 6000K Cool White A19 LED Light Bulb 

2G7 Plug Light

8W LED 2G7 Plug Bulb Light 4W LED2GX7 plug light 2G7 LED Bulb LED 2G7 bulb 2G7 Plug Light 11W 2g7 led plug light 6W LED 2G7 Daylight plug Light 

LED Tube Light

T8 LED Tube

3 Year Warranty 9W T8 LED Tube light 22W 1200mm T8 LED Tube lamp 40W 2400mm 4000lm T8 led tube lamp 1800lm 220V 120cm 18w LED T8 Tube Light 1400lm 14w T8 led tube lamp led 18w t8 tube lamp 20w t8 led tube lamp t8 25w led tube light led 16w T8 tube bulb 220V LED 24W LED T8 Tube Light 

T5 LED Tube

100lm/w 14w T5 led tube light 85~265V LED G5.3 9W LED T5 Tube Light 85~265V LED G5.3 18W LED T5 Tube Light cold white 22w LED T5 tube light LED T5 tube Under Cabinet Light cold white 20w t5 led tube light warm white T5 22W LED Tube lamp cold warm white 18w t5 led tube lamp 1200mm 19w led t5 tube bulb 900mm 13w Compatible T5 Led Tube 

2G11 LED Tube

220V 2G11 18W LED Bulb 110V 220V 22W LED 2G11 tube light 9W LED 2G11 Bulb Tube Light LED 2G11 Tube 12W Bulb 18W 2G11 LED Light Bulb 18w warm white 2g11 led tube light Cool White Long Life 9W LED 2G11 Tube 4000k 17w led plug tube lamp 2g11 8w led plug tube lamp LED 2G11 9W Warm White Shop Light 

Color LED Tube

Color IP67 Waterproof DC12V led tube LED 9w T8 Dimmable Tube Light 12-30V DC Automotive LED Tube Light Compatible T5 T8 Color Led Tube lamp red yellow green T8 LED tube light color t8 1200mm led tube lamp 900mm T8 G13 Color led tube light 1200mm g13 led t5 t8 tube lamp LED Color Flat Flexible RGB Strip Light 12-30V Waterproof Color LED Rope Lights 

LED High Bay Light

100LM/W LED High Bay Light

100W LED 100lm/w led high bay light LED 150W UFO High Bay Warehouse Light 240w dimmable led Warehouse high bay light 

120LM/W LED High Bay Light

5000k 155W LED High bay light 150W 120lm/w LED High bay light 

150LM/W LED High Bay Lihgt

220w 2years warranty led high bay light 3 Years warranty 70W LED hight bay light 5000k led 200w high bay light 50000 hours life 200W Led high bay light Outdoors 100W LED high bay light LED 30W 4500lm high bay light factory 130W LED high bay light 240W 36000lm LED high bay light high power 60w led high bay light LED 150lm/w 160W High Bay Light 

LED Flood Light

100LM/W LED Flood Light

39w LED Security Sensor Flood Light 20W LED Motion Sensor Floodlight Outdoor Weatherproof IP65 100w led flood light high lumens 100w IP65 waterproof led flood lamp IP66 Waterproof 150W LED Flood Light 6000lm Super Bright 60W LED Flood Light IP66 Waterproof 6000lm Spotlight Lamp Outdoor Super Bright Security Light Wall Light 48W Outdoor High Power Led Flood Light IP65 Waterproof 50W LED Landscape Lamp 50w High Efficiency LED Wall Flood Light Super Bright LED Flood Light garden yard light 80w led high lumen flood lamp 70w LED Waterproof Outdoor Area Lighting 

150LM/W LED Flood Light

6000K 220V 100w led flood light 150lm/w LED flood light 160w floodlight 160W meanwell driver LED floodlight 150lm/w 50W LED Floodlight Flood Light 220V LED 30W LED flood light IP67 200W Osram chip led floodlight 150lm/w 265V Meanwell driver 135W led floodlight 220V LED 75W led floodlight 3 Year Warranty 150lm/w 20W LED flood Lighting 265V LED 95W led floodlighting 

LED Downlight

Embed LED Downlight

LED 2.5inch Recessed 5w 55mm Cutsize Downlight 24W 8inch Embeded LED Downlight 200mm holesize embedded led downlight 24w 8inch No Strobe Downlight Recessed 24W Downlight 6w led embed downlight 1000lm 11w 4500k led downlight warm white 5w embed led downlight flat embed 9w led downlight 3000K Warm White 9w led downlight 220v 3000k 10w led downlight 

Flat LED Downlight

9W LED Slim Downlight Panel LED super thin down light slim downlight 22W LED slim donwlight 18w panel light 170mm Slim down light12W LED Downlight 55mm holesize 3inch LED Downliglht cool white 7w led downlight 3000k 3w led downlight 2400lm 24W led downlight Warm White led 9w flat downlight ip45 led 18w flat downlight 

Ceiling LED Downlight

led 40cm 400mm Round Ceiling Light LED 50cm ceiling light 500mm ceiling downlight 60cm led ceiling downlight 600mm round panel 15w 20w 25w LED Ceiling downlight 2400lm 24W ceiling led downlight 26w warm white ceiling led downlight indoor 30w led ceiling downlight high power 32w led ceiling downlight direct sale 34w embed led downlight 28w cold white led ceiling downlight 

Pinhole LED Downlight

5w led cold white pinhold downlight indoor warm white 9w led downlight 10W led 2pin pinhole led downlight 10W Pinhole holesize 80mm led downlight 10W Pinhole holesize 95mm led downlight indoor 9w pinhole led downlight high power pinhole ceiling led downlight 110v 3w led pinhole downlight embed 110v 3w led pinhole downlight 5000K Daylight 950lm led downlight 

LED Panel Light

LED Round Panel

LED 48W Round Ceiling Panel Light LED 48W Suspending Hanging Panel Light factory direct high lumens 6w led PANEL LIGHT LED 48W 600mm 595mm Round Panel 240lm 3W led white Panel light Hot sale super slim 9W LED PANEL LIGHT 1440lm 6500k led 18w panel light 6w 480lm round led panel light Energy saving LED 4W panel Light 12w 960lm led panel light 

LED Square Panel

Non Flicker square 48w led panel light LED Embed 48W Square Panel Light 36W 600mm LED Square Panel Light 15W 200x200mm led plate PANEL LIGHT warm white 13w led square panel light warm white 40w led square panel light warm white 18W led panel light warm white 12w led square panel light 24W commercial ultra thin led panel light 3W LED 220V led square panel down light 

LED Rectangle Panel

3060 Rectangle 18W LED Panel Light 4000k 25w led panel light 120v 4000k 60w led panel light dimmable 40w ractangle led panel light 6500k 42w rectangle led panel light 5000k 35w led panel light 36W led 600*600cm LED rectangle panel light warm white 45w led rectangle panel light high lumen 48w led rectangle panel light 220v 40w led rectangle panel light 

LED Auto Lamp

LED Headlight

V1 H11 12800LM 6000K 70W Car LED Wholesale V1 H7 35W LED Car Headlight V1 72W LED Lumen Car Headlight LED Lamps Bright V1-H9005 LED Car Headlights Auto C6 Led Headlight 9006 for cars H4 COB LED Headlight for Car C6 car led headlight 6000k 3600lm bulb lamp C6 new cars auto COB LED headlight H4 Automotive Car c6 led headlight h7 6000lm Car LED H11 Headlight Bulb Lamp 6000K 36W C6 LED Headlight Bulbs H1 Car LED Headlight New Powerful COB Car LED Headlight C6 H4 C6 led headlight for car and motorcycles LED Hot Super White LED Headlight H7 C6 LED Headlamp High Low Beam H4 Newest 3800lm 9006 C6 LED Headlihgt Factory Price LED Bulbs 32W 8000lm LED Car Headlight LED Headlight Bulb Super Bright 12V Auto Car LED Headlight C6 3800lm 30W LED Headlight for Cars 

LED Turn Light

BA15D 3W Led turn light 7443 7440 T20 led turn light 3155 3457 4157 led turn light 7443 7440 led Turn Signal Light 15w Motorcycle turn signal led light 10w turn tail signal and parking light LED Turn Signals Front Turn Signal light LED Indicator Front Rear Tail Light Led Round Headlights RGB Halo Turn signal light Smoked Lens Amber LED Front Turn Signal Light 

LED Brake Light

Strobe 1156 LED 3W Auto Brake Light DC12V led red stop brake light 5w led stop brake light bulb 24v 4w led brake light reverse light 12v 24v 7w led brake light 3156 3056 3356 led brake light bay15d 3w led brake light 4057 4111 4157 led brake light 7443ST 7444 7444NA led brake light high lumen led 12v 17w brake light 

LED Fog Light

DC12V 72W led fog light 27W 9006 LED fog light 30W H8 led fog light H11 gold yellow led fog light 28W H16 LED fog light H8 H9 H11 led fog light 24W H11 led fog lgiht 20W HB3 LED Fog light 2504 h11 9w led fog light 12v 60w H16 led fog light 

LED Street Lamp

LED COB Street Light

10w cob led street light lamp 150w waterproof led steet light high power 150w cob led steet light 24w sensor led street light Energy saving 24W Courtyard Led street light Environmental protection 30w led street light high power waterproof 24w led street lamp 6000K IP65 led street light 305w super bright led street light 5Year Warranty Ultra Bright LED street light 

LED High Power Chip Street Light

220v 300w high power led street light 39000lm 300w led street lamp high lumen 300w daylight led street light 45w LED High Power Chip Street Light 220v 48w LED E40 Street Lamp 2800k warm white 52w led street lamp High quality 40w led street light Freeway 9000lm led 60W street light IP67 energy saving 15W LED Street Light Suburb Road 30W Freeways Led Street Light 

LED Track Light

2 Wire LED Track Light

Hihg power 36W LED Track light 3years warranty30W 2pin LED Track light high lumen warm white 33w led track light warm white 42w led track light 120v warm white 18w led track light 35w 2pin led track light 2pin high power led 44w track light 4500lm 45W 2Pin LED Track Light 220v 52w led track light High power 25W 2 Pin LED Track Light 

3 Wire LED Track Light

2 Wire 3 Wire 20W LED Track Lamp 3wire 3Pin 20W LED Track Light 20W LED trakcing 3wire 2phase track light warm white 22w 3wire led track light white cover 3wire 10w led track light cold white warm white 35w track light indoor cold white 20w led track light gray cover 3wire 30w led track light 38w warm white 3wire led track lgiht 12w 24w 30w 3wire led tarck light 

4 Wire LED Track Light

3Phase 4Wire 4Pins LED Track Light High quality LED 3phase 4wire track light Europe LED Four Wire Three Phase Track Light indoor 220v 23w led track light 220v warm white 24w led track light high power 56w led track light cold white 39w led track light exhibition light 54w led track light 220v 51w led track light 220v warm white 53w led track light 

LED Desk Lamp

14w Touch Control led desk lamp 15W Patent led table lamp led reading light LED 15W 7touches Dimmable reading lamp light 360degree Adustable LED 15W Dimmable Desk Light New Design 8W Copper Color LED Table Light Copper Glass Cover LED Desk Light Youtechlight Glass Cover LED Desk Light 8W Copper color revivalist led table lamp light 8w New desgin glass cover revivalist led reading light 

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